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FYI--this list has not been updated in some time...

I used to think that putting one's cd list online was rather stupid. Then I found a rare, out-of-print disc listed on someone else's list. Couldn't find it anywhere. I ended up chatting with this person, and...let's just say I obtained a version of mentioned disc. So, for the sake of knowledge and cataloguing, here's what I have.If you know me you may be more surprised by what I don't have than what I do. There are many, many discs I want but...some where stolen and never replaced. Mostly I just can't buy 'em all. I have much more on vinyl and tapes, but that would be crazy to have here too. There are a few discs that I should be embarrassed to include, but I wanted to be thorough. <shrug> Let the criticism fly.

My CD Collection
'Til Tuesday / Welcome Home
10,000 Maniacs / Like The Weather CD5
A Flock of Seagulls / A Flock of Seagulls
A Flock Of Seagulls / Listen
A Flock Of Seagulls / 20 Classics Of The 80's
A Flock Of Seagulls / The Story Of A Young Heart
A Flock of Seagulls / Greatest Hits Remixed
A Flock Of Seagulls / The Light At The End Of The World
A Flock of Seagulls / The Best of (Music Club)
A Flock Of Seagulls / Rainfall CD5
A Flock of Seagulls / Magic CD5
A Flock Of Seagulls / Burnin' Up CD5
a House / I Want Too Much
a-ha / Hunting High and Low
a-ha / Scoundrel Days
a-ha / Stay on These Roads
a-ha / East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon
a-ha / Memorial Beach
a-ha / Minor Earth | Major Sky
a-ha / Lifelines
a-ha / Minor Earth, Major Sky (Special Edition 1/2)
a-ha / Minor Earth, Major Sky (Special Edition 2/2) (+videos)
a-ha / Headlines And Deadlines, The Hits Of A-ha
a-ha / Road Club (EP)
a-ha / Twelve Inch Club
a-ha / Scoundrel Club
a-ha / 45 RPM Club
a-ha / Shapes That Go Together
a-ha / Take On Me Single
a-ha / You Are the One (3 inch single)
a-ha / Angel
a-ha / Minor Earth | Major Sky (CD5 Single)
a-ha / Lifelines (CDS1)
Abigail / Losing My Religion
Al B. Sure / Nite and Day CD5
Adams, Ryan / Love Is Hell
Adams, Ryan / Rock N Roll
The Alan Parsons Project / The Best of the Alan Parsons Project Volume 2 America / History (Greatest Hits)
Antarctica / 81:03 Disc I
Antarctica / 81:03 Disk 2
Anything Box / Peace
Anything Box / Hope
Apoptygma Berzerk / Welcome To Earth
Apoptygma Berzerk / Harmonizer
Apotheosis / O'Fortuna (CDR)
Apotheosis / Obumbratta
Arcade Fire / Funeral
The Autumns / The Angel Pool
The B-52's / Bouncing Off The Satellites
Banana Blender Surprise / Send In The Crowns
Bauhaus / 1979-1983 Volume One
Bauhaus / Crackle Bauhaus / Gotham - Disc 1
Bauhaus / Gotham - Disc 2
The Beautiful South / Carry On Up The Charts
Billy Thorpe / Children of the Sun...Revisited
Bjork / Big Time Sensuality US CD5
Black / Wonderful Life Remixes
Bloc Party / Silent Alarm
Blue Oyster Cult / The Best of - Don't Fear the Reaper
Blur / To the End (CD5)
The Boner Brothers / Big Muff
Book Of Love / Book Of Love
Breathe / All That Jazz
BT / Movement In Still Life
The Busy Signals / Baby's First Beats
Cetu Javu / Have In Mind (Single Mixes)
Cetu Javu / Southern Lands
Chapterhouse / Mesmerise CD5
Chapterhouse / Whirlpool
Chapterhouse / Blood Music (Disc 1)
Chapterhouse / Blood Music (Disc 2)
The Charlatans / Over Rising
The Charlatans UK / The Only One I Know CD5
The Charlatans UK / Some Friendly
The Charlatans UK / Between 10th And 11th
The Charlottes / Things Come Apart
The Chemical Brothers / Surrender
The Church / Starfish
Close Lobsters / Foxheads Stalk This Land
Close Lobsters / Headache Rhetoric
Close Lobsters / What Is There To Smile About?
Cocco / SXSW '98 Cocco in "Japan Nite"
Cocteau Twins / Iceblink Luck CD5
Coil / Windowpane
Coldplay / Parachutes
Conjure One / Conjure One (Special Edition Disc 1)
Conjure One / Conjure One (Special Edition Disc 2)
The Connells / One Simple Word
Corona / The Rhythm Of The Night CD5
Cowsills / The Best of The Cowsills
The Cranberries / Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?
The Cranberries / Linger EP U.S.
Culture Club / This Time - The First Four Years
The Cure / The Head on the Door
The Cure / Staring At The Sea (The Singles)
The Cure / Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
The Cure / Bloodflowers
The Cure / Fascination Street CD5
Cyndi Lauper / Twelve Deadly Cyns
Daft Punk / Discovery
Dan Reed Network / Dan Reed Network
Dan Reed Network / The Heat
Danny Wilson / Meet Danny Wilson
David Garza / Kingdom Come And Go
David Garza / This Euphoria
Dead Or Alive / Nude
Def Leppard / Hysteria
Def Leppard / Retro Active
Delays, the / Faded Seaside Glamour
Delerium / Poem (Disc 1)
Delerium / Poem (US Ltd Edition Disc 2)
Delerium / Chimera
Delerium / Chimera Bonus Disc

Delerium / Karma
Depeche Mode / Violator
Depeche Mode / Songs of Faith and Devotion
Depeche Mode / Strangelove CD5
Depeche Mode / Personal Jesus CD5
Depeche Mode / Enjoy The Silence CD5
Depeche Mode / In Your Room CD5
Device / What is Sadness? (Remixes)
DJ Miko / What's Up (Dance Version) CD5 Single
Doves / Lost Souls
Doves / The Last Broadcast
Doves / The Last Broadcast (Bonus Disc)
Doves / Some Cities
Dr. Alban / It's My Life (Single)
Eagles / Hotel California
Eddi Reader / Candyfloss And Medicine
Eggman / First Fruits
Electronic / Electronic
Electronic / Raise The Pressure
Electronic / Disappointed CD5
Electronic / Getting Away With It CD5
Enigma / MCMXC A.D.
Enya / Watermark
Enya / Shepherd Moons
Eon / Innermind * Spice: The Remixes & the Original Mixes
Eon / Basket Case
Erasure / Cowboy
Erasure / I Say, I Say, I Say
Erasure / The Innocents
Erasure / Wild!
Erasure / Chorus
Erasure / Abba-esque
Erasure / Erasure
Erasure / Other People's Songs
Erasure / Chatter-esque (Interview)
Erasure / You Surround Me (3" single Mute 99)
Erasure / Star - Maxi Single CD5
Erasure / Drama! CD5
Erasure / Nightbird
Erasure / Breath of Life CD5
Erasure / Chorus (CD5)
Erasure / Oh L'Amour CD5
Erasure / Love To Hate You CD5
Erasure / I Love Saurday EP (EP CD Mute 166)
Erasure / Run To The Sun (6 track US)
Erasure / Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day) CD5
Erasure / Stay With Me (US CD5)
Erasure / A Little Respect CD5
Erasure / ABBA-ESQUE - The Remixes
Erasure / Am I Right (CD5 Mute 134)
Erasure / Am I Right (LimitedCD Mute 134)
Eurythmics / Greatest Hits
Explosions in the Sky / Thos Who Tell the Truth Shall Die
Explosions in the Sky / The Earth is Not A Cold Dead Place
Family of God / We Are the World
Family Of God / Exiter
Figures On A Beach / Figures On A Beach
The Flaming Lips / Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
Fleetwood Mac / Rumours
Fleetwood Mac / Live - Disc 1
Fleetwood Mac / Live - Disc 2
For Squirrels / Example
For Stars / For Stars
For Stars / …It Falls Apart
For Stars / Windows For Stars
Frazier Chorus / Cloud 8 Miles Plus Bonus Tracks CD5
Frazier Chorus / Driving CD5
Frazier Chorus / Ray
Frazier Chorus / Wide Awake (US Version)
Frederic Chopin / Music for Piano
Frideric Chopin / Polonaise Op.53/Ballade Op.38/Scherzo Op.20
Fruit / Hark At Her
George Michael / Listen Without Prejudice, Volume 1
George Michael / Freedom CD5
Gherkin / Ten Esperanto Love Songs
Grandaddy / The Sophtware Slump
Grandaddy / Sumday
Grant Lee Buffalo / Lone Star Song (Promo)
Griffin, Patty / Flaming Red
Hamburg Symphony Orchestra / Chopin Complete Works for Piano & Orchestra (Cd 1/2)
Hamburg Symphony Orchestra / Chopin Complete Works for Piano & Orchestra (CD 2/2)
The Helio Sequence / Love and Distance
Hidden Cameras / Mississauga Goddam

The Human League / Octopus
The High Dials / War of the Wakening Phantoms
The Icicle Works / Icicle Works
The Icicle Works / Blind
Innocence Mission / Glow
Inspiral Carpets / This is How it Feels CD5
Inspiral Carpets / Life
Interpol / Turn on the Bright Lights
INXS / Shabooh Shoobah
James / Laid
Jane's Addiction / Been Caught Stealing CD5
Jennifer Trynin / All This Could Be Yours
Jethro Tull / Rock Island
Journey / Greatest Hits
Journeys By DJ / Paul Oakenfold
Keane / Hopes and Fears
Kings of Convenience / Versus
Kitchens Of Distinction / Cowboys And Aliens
Kitchens of Distinction / Love is Hell
Kitchens Of Distinction / The Death of Cool
Kitchens of Distinction / Gorgeous Love
Kitchens Of Distinction / Strange Free World
Kitchens of Distinction / 4 Men CD5
Kitchens of Distinction / Innocent 3 inch single
Kitchens of Distinction / Drive That Fast EP
Kitchens of Distinction / Now It's Time To Say Goodbye CD5
Kitchens of Distinction / Cowboys and Aliens CD5
Kitchens of Distinction / Breathing Fear
Kitchens of Distinction / Smiling CD5
Kitchens of Distinction / When In Heaven CD5
Kitchens O.D. / Feel My Genie/To Love A Star
The KLF / The White Room
The KLF / Justified & Ancient CD5
Lamb / Gorecki CD5
Lamb / Lamb
Laura Branigan / Touch
Level 42 / Level Best
Lightning Seeds / Cloudcuckooland
Lightning Seeds / Dizzy Heights
Lightning Seeds / Sense
Lisette Melendez / Together Forever
Longpigs / The Sun Is Often Out
Low / Christmas
Low / I Could Live In Hope
Madonna / Bedtime Stories
Madonna / Ray of Light
Madonna / Music
Madonna / Bedtime Story CD5 Part 1
Madonna / Bedtime Story CD5 Part 2
Madonna / Keep It Together CD5
Madonna / Ray Of Light - Remixes
Madonna / Justify My Love CD5
Mandalay / Solace (1 of 2)
Mandalay / Solace (2 of 2)
Manic Street Preachers / This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours
Maria Bamford / The Burning Bridges Tour
Mariah Carey / Mariah Carey
Mazzy Star / Fade Into You CD5
Meg Hentges / Brompton's Cocktail
Metallica / Ride The Lightning
Ministry / The Land of Rape and Honey
The Mission UK / Carved In Sand
Moby / Go (Remixes) CD5
Moby / Everything is Wrong
Mojave 3 / Excuses For Travellers
Mojave 3 / Spoon and Rafter
Momus / Momus Promotional Sampler 1
Moodswings / Moodfood
Moonbabies / June And Novas
Moose / ...XYZ
Moose / Honey Bee
Moose / Sonny Of Sam
Moose / High Ball Me
Moose / Live A Little Love A Lot
Moose / Baby It's Over EP
Moose / Cool Breeze EP
Moose / Reprise EP
Moose / Bang Bang CD5
Morrissey / Bona Drag
Morrissey / November Spawned a Monster CD5
Morrissey / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get Promo CD5
Morten Harket / A Kind Of Christmas Card (Limited Edition CD5)
My Morning Jacket / It Still Moves

My Morning Jacket / Z
Naked Eyes / The Best Of Naked Eyes
Ned's Atomic Dustbin / Brainbloodvolume
New Order / Regret (Single)
New Order / Republic
New Order / (The Best of) New Order
Nine Inch Nails / Head Like a Hole (UK CD5)
Nine Inch Nails / Head Like A Hole CD5
Nirvana / Smells Like Teen Spirit (Maxi-Single)
Nitzer Ebb / That Total Age
The Normans / Dreams of Autocrashes
The Ocean Blue / The Ocean Blue
One Dove / Morning Dove White
Orbit, William / Strange Cargos, The Best Of
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark / The Best of OMD
Ozzy Osbourne / No Rest For The Wicked
P.M. Dawn / Of The Heart, Of The Soul, And Of The Cross: The Utopian Experience
Perry Farrell / Song Yet To Be Sung
Pet Shop Boys / Very
Pet Shop Boys / Alternative (Compilation) (Disc 1)
Pet Shop Boys / Alternative (Compilation) (Disc 2)
Pet Shop Boys / Release
Pet Shop Boys / Release (US Bonus Disc 2)
Pet Shop Boys / Disco 3
Pet Shop Boys / Can You Forgive Her CD5 Single
Pet Shop Boys / Was it worth it? CD5
Peter Murphy / Cascade
Peter Murphy / Deep (Version 2)
Peter Murphy / Should the World Fail to Fall Apart
Peter Murphy / The Scarlet Thing in You
Peter Murphy / The Sweetest Drop CD5
Peter Murphy / You're So Close CD5
Peter Murphy / Love Hysteria
Peter Murphy / Deep
Peter Murphy / Holy Smoke
Peter Schilling / The Different Story (World of Lust and Crime) CD3
Phil Collins / In The Air Tonight (CD Single)
Pink Floyd / The Dark Side Of The Moon
Pink Floyd / The Wall (Disc 1)
Pink Floyd / The Wall (Disc 2)
Pink Floyd / A Momentary Lapse of Reason
Pink Floyd / Another Brick In The Wall CD3
Poe / Haunted
Police / Every Breath You Take: The Singles
Poole / Alaska Days
The Postal Service / Give Up
Primal Scream / Higher Than The Sun CD5
Prince & The Revolution / Purple Rain
Prince & The Revolution / Around The World In A Day
The Psychedelic Furs / World Outside
Q Presents…Summer Festivals ‘98
Queensryche / Rage For Order
R.E.M. / Out Of Time
R.E.M. / Monster
R.E.M. / Up
The Radio Dept. / Lesser Matters
Radiohead / OK Computer
The Railway Children / Recurrence
Rainbow / Bent Out of Shape
Real Life / Send Me An Angel '89
Real Life / Send me an angel '88 Version (3" Single)
Red Flag / NaÔve Dance
REO Speedwagon / The Hits
Rhythm Corps / Common Ground
Rhythm Corps / The Future's Not What It Used To Be
Rialto / Rialto
Ricky Martin / Vuelve
Ride / Fall EP
Ride / Leave them all Behind CD5
Ride / Vapour Trail CD5 Single
Ride / Going Blank Again
Ride / Tarantula
Rossini-Plodiv Philharmonic / Rossini Overtures
Sandy Horne / White Rabbit
Savoy / Mary Is Coming
Savoy / Reasons To Stay Indoors
Savoy / Lackluster Me
Seahorses / Do It Yourself
Shack / HMS Fable
Sinead O'Connor / I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got
Sinead O'Connor / My Special Child - CD5 Single
Sinead O'Connor / The Lion And The Cobra
Siouxsie & the Banshees / Superstition
Slowdive / Just For A Day
Slowdive / Losing Today
Slowdive / Souvlaki
Slowdive / Pygmalion
The Smiths / Meat Is Murder
The Sound of Purple (Various)
Sound Team / Into the Lens
Soundgarden / Louder Than Love
Spiritualized / Lazer Guided Melodies
Stevie Nicks / Enchanted Disc 1
Stevie Nicks / Enchanted Disc 2
Stevie Nicks / Enchanted Disc 3
Stevie Nicks / The Other Side Of The Mirror
Stevie Nicks / Time Space - The Best of Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks / Trouble in Shangri-La
Stone Roses / Second Coming
The Sugarcubes / Life's Too Good
The Sugarcubes / Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!
The Sundays / Reading, Writing And Arithmetic
Supertramp / Classics Volume 9
The Swells / Electrostaticvibraverb EP
The Swells / Yesterday's Songs
The Swells / The Waymarked Ways
Tanita Tikaram / Twist In My Sobriety Single CD5
Tchaikovsky / The Best of Tchaikovsky Vol. 1
Tchaikovsky / The Best of Tchaikovsky Vol. II
Tears For Fears / The Hurting
Tesla / The Great Radio Controversy
Then Jerico / First (The Sound Of Music)
Then Jerico / The Big Area
Throwing Muses / The Real Ramona
Tones on Tail / Everything! (Disc 1)
Tones on Tail / Everything! (Disc 2)
The Trash Can Sinatras / Cake
The Trash Can Sinatras / Cake (Plus 6 Japanese Version)
The Trash Can Sinatras / I've Seen Everything
The Trash Can Sinatras / A Happy Pocket
The Trash Can Sinatras / Aberrations (Covers, Sessions and B-sides)
The Trash Can Sinatras / Chewing a Brick Live Recordings (Over the Moon)
The Trash Can Sinatras / Chewing a Brick Live Recordings (Under the Influence)
The Trash Can Sinatras / Zebra of the Family (CD1)
The Trash Can Sinatras / Zebra of the Family (CD2)
The Trash Can Sinatras / On a B Road (Disc One)
The Trash Can Sinatras / On a B Road (Disc Two)
The Trash Can Sinatras / Circling The Circumference CD5
The Trash Can Sinatras / Fez (Live)
The Trash Can Sinatras / Five Hungry Joes EP
The Trash Can Sinatras / Four Sound Tracks Promo
The Trash Can Sinatras / Hayfever Single CD5
The Trash Can Sinatras / How Can I Apply...? CD5
The Trash Can Sinatras / I've Seen Everything Single CD5
The Trash Can Sinatras / Obscurity Knocks CD5
The Trash Can Sinatras / Obscurity Knocks E.P.
The Trash Can Sinatras / Only Tongue Can Tell Single CD5
The Trash Can Sinatras / The Main Attraction Single CD5
The Trash Can Sinatras / To Sir, With Love CD5
The Trash Can Sinatras / Twisted And Bent CD5
The Trash Can Sinatras / Snow - CD Single
The Trash Can Sinatras / Bloodrush CD5
The Trash Can Sinatras / Weightlifting EP
The Trash Can Sinatras / Weightlifting (Deluxe Edition)
Travis / Good Feeling
U2 / Zooropa
U2 / All That You Can't Leave Behind
U2 / One CD5
Unbelievable Truth / Almost Here
Van Halen / Van Halen
Vangelis / Opera Sauvage
Various Artists / Babe, You're No. 1 Hits Post Modern Syndrome
Various Artists / Details - Music Matters #5 Disc 1
Various Artists / Details - Music Matters #5 Disc 2
Various Artists / Indie Top 20 Issue 13
Various Artists / Madame Sousatzka
Various Artists / Magnet New Music Sampler Volume 11
Various Artists / Music To Floss Your Ears With!
Various Artists / New Music...That's Good For You
Various Artists / On the Edge
Various Artists / Q - Here Comes The Sun
Various Artists / The Adventure Club Sessions
Various Artists / The Sound of Purple
Various Artists / This Is Fort Apache
Various Artists / Cutting Edge
Various Artists / Just Say Yes
Various Artists / Just Say Yo (Volume II of Just Say Yes)
Various Artists / Just Say Da (Volume IV of Just Say Yes)
Various Artists / Just Say Mao (Volume III of Just Say Yes)
Various Artists / Coca-Cola Pop Music Volume 1
Various Artists / Coca Cola Pop Music Volume 2
Various Artists / Coca-Cola Pop Music Volume 3
Various Artists / Coca-Cola Pop Music Volume 4
Various Artists / Two Rooms - Celebrating The Songs Of Elton John & Bernie Taupin
Various Artists / Volume Magazine 1
Various Artists / Excursions in Ambience
Various Artists / Just Say Roe (Volume VII of Just Say Yes)
Various Artists / Now 34 - CD 1
Various Artists / Now 34 - CD 2
Various Artists / All the Best Music From the Summer Festivals '98
Various Artists / B.L.A.S.T. #27
Various Artists / A Tribute To U2 - We Will Follow
Various Artists / Lost Highway New Music Sampler Vol. 2
Various Artists / POPvolume#2
Vivaldi / The Four Seasons, Concerto Alla Rustica RV 1511
Voice of the Beehive / Honey Lingers

What Made Milwaukee Famous / Trying Never to Catch Up
Wham! / Music From the Edge of Heaven
When In Rome / When In Rome
Yaz / Upstairs At Eric's
Yaz / Situation Single CD5

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