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The most underrated band on earth, The Trashcan Sinatras, played the South By Southwest music conference / festival in Austin, Texas in 2004. They were promoting their new Weightlifting EP. This page exists to celebrate this wonderful event. The band made five appearances. Pictures from three of their performances are here on this page, as well as some short video clips. (See menu to left.)

The top banner and list of events to the left are the front and back of a promotional leaflet given out at SXSW. I picked mine up at the in-store appearance at 33 Degrees--a music store in Austin. I altered it some, call it artistic license.

It had been more than 10 years since the band had been to Austin. I did not live in Austin then, but I did drive up to see the band. At that time I was able to get them to sign the I.S.E. anchor box that was sold with the album CD singles.It will now go very well with the two autographed discs shown here (click them to see larger views). I was not able to get Davy to sign the new EP as I did not see him then. He apparently was at the music store but did not play.

Post SXSW Press

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Autographed Weightlifting EP
Autographed Five Hungry Joes

I was so excited to see the band (first of five appearances at SXSW) that I did not even realize it was missing a signature. I was not myself, what can I say. At some point I remember someone in the band (Frank?) say that Davy had just become a father (again?). Perhaps a strange delusion due to my euphoric state. Correct me if you know otherwise, please.

The local weekly paper, The Austin Chronicle, designated TCS a 'Friday Pick' and had this blurb for the show:

"Guitarist John Douglas has said his greatest moment was 'shaking hands with Willie Nelson in a Leeds hotel,' but we think it's likely on their new Weightlifting disc due this spring. In their 14-year career, frontman Frank Reader and company have managed comparisons to Aztec Camera, the Smiths, and Orange Juice, but their melodic and pure pop for the people is simply timeless and lovely.--Mark Savlov

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