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I have a salt water tank. It is a 55-gallon, fish-only tank. My equipment consists of: Eheim ECCO 2233 canister filter, one power head running for added circulation, and a TUNZE Comline 3110/2 protein skimmer. I do not currently have any live rock due to a lack of funds, but will add some when that situation changes. I upgraded to the TUNZE due to my old skimmer being a piece of junk. I chose a Tunze due to it's good reputation. I am beginning to think this reputation is unwarranted. I believe that Tunze invented protein skimmers (or foam fractionators) and perhaps they are cut some slack for this reason.

directions, if you are familiar with those. Perhaps my problem is simply not knowing how to work this thing....I am open to that possibility but I don't currently believe it. Also there is little-to-nothing on the web to help.

First, I am aware that this skimmer is designed for a smaller tank than mine. Still, my old skimmer was a piece of air-driven junk that was supposed to be used for a tank larger than mine. So anyone can see how subjective these things really are. And I saw it like this: if Tunzes are so highly regarded then I will still be ahead when compared to my old skimmer. This skimmer is also intended to be attached to the back of the tank wall. For my size of tank this was not possible without removing a glass top. My lights rest on those, so that was not an option. I bought it anyway, thinking I would find a way. The salesperson at the LFS gave me a look, but I wish I could show him how easy this was to remedy. Instead of attaching it to the back wall, I attached it to a side, so that the skimmer and the tank are horizontal to each other. See pictures on next page.

So this page is here to (1) help others by reading about my experience with this skimmer, and (2) to perhaps get a little input from others as to their experience with or just their thoughts on it.
These skimmers are not cheap. I got what I believe is the smallest unit they make. There is no doubt this skimmer is better than my previous one. Still, it has caused me some grief. The directions that come with this are lacking--to be kind. It reminds me of IKEA